Pak-US Relations-Discussions In The Parliament

Article written on 20th March 2012.

Some quarters view the discussions on this important issue of Pak-US relations in a shortsighted perspective which would be myopic and imprudent to say the least. Considering that the issue is only opening of the NATO supply route to Pakistan or not and or insisting that drone attacks on tribal areas must be stopped will be ill-advised and imperceptive. The issue needs to be viewed both in its past context and the present situation both in the region and in a world view. The relations with US whih are marked by over dependence on US to normal relations between two sovereign state and the element of Aid has to taken out of this equation.

We threw in our lot with the US in early 50`s. We joined SEATO and CENTO as against remaining neutral and possibly joining Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) subsequently. Over a period of time we have been closely identified with US interests . When we permitted US to establish a secret base at Badabher Base not only earned us the ire of USSR ; another super power of the time but we literally became a US client state in this region. The crux of the debate in the Parliament should be whether we have gained or lost out of this relationship both materially and in stature as a stature. Our stance on Kashmir; a core issue for us has become weaker or stronger. We failed to gain any advantage of Indo-China War of1962 under US advise/pressure. We failed to get Kashmir in 65 War. US failed to give us any assistance even on diplomatic front and it was USSR which brokered a peace agreement between us and India. 1971 war is before us. US support on diplomatic has remained mostly ambivalent. Although there are so many other factors for our weakening of our state, it’s a golden opportunity to take stock of our special relationship with US at this stage. We were used against USSR in Afghanistan 1979-1984 and then abandoned and are facing the consequences in terms of criminalization of our society through Jehadi culture and Kalashnikov culture. Again we were pressurized into aligning ourselves with US policies and becoming their front line ally in this so called “War On Terror”. We have sacrificed over 5000 of our valiant soldiers and over 35000 lives of our civilians including children and women. The loss to our infrastructure is approximately over 70 billion US dollars which is more than the total US aid that we have received from US since 1947 till to date. In spite of all these sacrifices Pakistan is being painted as almost an enemy and possibly a terrorist state in US media. Our territories are being violated at will. Raymond Davis case, May 2 violation of our territory and the Salala Pass brutal massacre cannot be obliterated from the memories of our public.

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Gen Allen’s Massacre at Silala and Beyond

Article written on 2nd December 2011.

The November 26th ruthless NATO strike on Volcano and Bolder posts in Silala Pass, Mohmand Agency is a much bigger event than May 2nd US violation of Pakistan’s territory in which reportedly Osama Bin Laden was killed and is likely to have a longer shadow on the course of events in this region than is thought at present. The attack also highlights sadistic, savagery and barbaric attitudes prevalent in US/NATO/ISAF forces. Their Governments normally overlook these tendencies and do not punish the perpetrators in their armed forces so that their aggressiveness does not get restricted. The incidents at Abu-Ghuraib (Iraq), Sudan and Afghanistan are examples of their perverted minds.

The geographical location and the sequential events of the attack on these posts suggest that it was a deliberate and premeditated brutal attack part of a bigger game. The Government of Pakistan has sufficient evidence to prove and conclude with convictions that the attack was not incidental but a deliberate one. These posts have such a sharp decent into Kunar river to such an extent that it is impossible to climb this height from that side therefore the possibility of some rogue elements straying across the border in this area is ruled out. There is no evidence that any ISAF/ANA troops were operating in this area. The first aircraft arrived in the area at 0015 hrs on night 26/27 and our Military Headquarters informed the ISAF Headquarter in Kabul of the presence of these aircraft in the area as per agreed SOP and they replied that they were pulling back . These aircraft returned at 0115 hrs and attacked ‘Volcano’ post without any warning with such ferocity and sustained manner that the communication with the post broke down The Company Read more